How Canada’s CPPIB Is Stimulating the Indian Real Estate Market

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The Indian real estate market has enduringly fawned over the likes of GIC, Blackstone, and Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) for the big deals in the network. But, it’s now bewitching with a new global giant Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) that is stimulating the realty investment ecosystem as never before.

Headquartered in Toronto, CPPIB has expanded its activities in the Indian realty market over the last one year and is networking with stakeholders at several levels all across the country.

“It’s all over the place. It has become one of the top contenders for all the big-tickets deals that the market will witness in the near future. It was a significant part of the bidders for DLF rental stake sale and other major deals in the market,” said a senior manager at Jeni Construction.

“If one had to look at the top deal-makers in the realty sector, a year ago, they would turn up with a record of investors such as GIC, Blackstone, QIA and Brookfield. However, at present CPPIB ranks among the investors backing nearly all the big-deals under process,” said the manager.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is now focusing on all the sections of real estate market. “There is no underlying theme that leads its strategy in India. It is considering all –residential, commercial, retail, and industrial strategically. Actually, it is very keen on establishing in the industrial realty sector as of now,” he added.

However, if it maintains the pace with which is it expanding in the market; it might lead to buildup income-generating assets on the lines of Blackstone and GIC, and in due course go the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) way to mark full circle in the investment cycle.


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