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Colors can add magic to your homes!

Colors connect us with the liveliness and interactivity of life. Actually, the colors reveal a bit of practical magic that a particular color can bring to life. In reality, you see a color as a reflection of waves of energy, wherein the white light contains a full spectrum of visible colors at once (having all the energy waves together). When you see an apple, a red color is observed … Read More >>

Your Life is in your hands, Earthquake safety measures

Safety Measures To Be Taken Before An Earthquake The earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25th of April has jolted northern India also by damaging many buildings which was expected by geologists. Earthquakes are seen as devastating disasters, but taking appropriate earthquake safety measures can minimize damages, injuries, and other potential quake concerns. When exposed to sudden lateral forces produced by seismic waves, even modern buildings can fail completely and … Read More >>

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