Selling 2bhk flats in delhi can be great by avoiding these five mistakes

2bhk flats in delhi

Buying and selling of 2bhk flats in delhi can be a tedious task if you have emotional attachment with your home, but for property dealers and brokers it is just their business investment. A lot of research is required to sell a flat as you can’t let your biggest asset just go like that. People generally hold the conception that investment in property is the safest option, but market had different rules. In fact, selling your 2bhk flats in delhi can be a more difficult task. Hence, if you are planning to sell your property in Delhi, then you should avoid the following mistakes.

 1  Not estimate real value of flat

Although everybody expect high value of their flat, but ultimate pricing depend on the market rules. During your ownership you pay bank loan interest, renovation cost, Property and other taxes so estimate accordingly, but while selling the flat this thing is not considered. Hence, you should quote prices keeping the fact in consideration.

2  Not keeping your home presentable

Remember first impression is the last impression. When buyer approach you to see property he always keep a check on the maintenance of your flat and surrounding area. If you have well maintained flat, then that will automatically increase buyer interest in your property.

3 Be ready to negotiate

Before selling your home, just check whether it is buyer oriented market or seller oriented. You should set your flat value slightly low so that probability of buyer’s       purchasing your flat increases .You can cut cost of any kind of brokerage if involved, offer repair and renovation before selling . Give full support and share expenses for documentation work. However, calculate all cost incurred to maintain your flat before putting final figure in front of buyer.

4 Reveal facts about your home

Buyer’s hold the right to know each and every fact about your property. Hence, you should not hide any datum about your home like any leakage or electricity problem, material issue, any kind of dispute in property. This precaution may protect you in any kind of legal battle in future and keep fair deal with buildup trust of buyers.

5  Alternate plan to stay

You should plan your stay arrangement before starting selling of current home otherwise you might have face trouble. Keep correct estimate of timelines of final handover of possession of property.

Avoid these mistakes so that you can quote a fair price of your 2bhk flats in Delhi.


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1 year 11 months ago

The emerging demographics and rising aspirations coupled with buyer friendly moves by the Government gave a new outlook to the concept of housing in India. The operations of real estate was no more restricted to metros only, as it started seeping in the peripherals and even in Tier II and III cities.
Now everyone wants a luxurious living space at affordable price. Luxury and affordability under one roof is trending in realty sector.

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