5 Luxury Homes in India Belonging to the Richest

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Luxury homes have always been a thing of the rich and famous. Houses of these people have all the top-class amenities about which we can only dream off. While most people just wish to own a house of their own, irrespective of its size, houses of Indian billionaires and multi-millionaires reflect their immense wealth, status and power.

Here is a list of 5 most expensive houses in India.

1. Antilla


luxury homes

Owner: Mukesh Ambani (Chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited)

Cost: $1 Billion (or ~Rs 6800 Crores)

Home to the richest person in India, this luxurious house is the most expensive residential property on Earth. This 27- storey building is spread in 400, 000 sq ft, 6 floors are reserved just for parking. It also has a helipad and an extravagant 4-floor garden. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla is so enormous that staff of 500 people is needed just for maintenance.

2. Abode

luxury homes

Owner: Anil Ambani (Chairman of Reliance Group)

Cost: Rs 5000 Crore               

Anil Ambani is surely on par with his elder brother with his luxury home at Bandra-Pali Hill in Mumbai. This 17,000 sq ft property, still under construction, already stands 66 meters tall in the sky. Abode has all the possible world class facilities, a solid answer to Mukesh Ambani’s lavish house.

3. Mannat

luxury homes

Owner: Shahrukh Khan (Actor)

Cost: 200 Crores

Not all high-end luxury properties are home to industrialists in India. SRK’s house, Mannat, proves that quite rightfully. This structure resembles a beautiful palace and its interiors give much of a lavish feel.

4. Gulistan

luxury homes

Owner: Anand Mahindra (CEO of Mahindra Group)

Cost: Rs 270 Crore

Anand Mahindra bought this 13, 000 sq ft property from Rishi Gagan Trust-Orbit corp. This house was actually rented out to Anand first. But he wished to revamp the property and demolish existing structure, so he bought it.

 5. Ratan Tata’s Bungalow

 luxury homes

Owner: Ratan Tata (Chairman of Tata Group)

Cost: Over 125 Crore

One of the most respected and a classy industrialist, Ratan Tata lives in this colossal house that is no less than a luxurious mansion. This beautiful white structure at Colaba, Mumbai comprises three floors and has amenities like sun deck, swimming pool, gymnasium and giant lobby.


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