Top 10 innovative office Design Ideas

office design

Workspaces should be innovative enough to provide a variety of spaces to employees so they feel comfortable at work. Ideally, an office design should be smart and space conservative. Check the following 10 office design ideas that interior designers would recommend.

1. Multilayered Workspace

office design

A lot of people want their workspaces as part of the living spaces. If you are one of those people then you can tell the interior designer about your habits and lifestyle so he or she will come up with ideas.

2. Integrated Technology

office design

 Designers are adopting latest technology that cuts on energy costs with fully-programmable lighting. Such programs use electric appliances only you need when you need it, and automatically turn off when the space is not in use.

3. Designated lounge areas

office design

More powerful, lighter, wireless technology is untethering the workspace more than ever,” so offices can be more home-like, which stimulates relaxed collaboration.

4. Colours

office design

Most people believe that if you organize your work environment with colour, it helps your thoughts to be more organized and creative.

5. Lighting matters

office design

The presence of sufficient daylight and windows, as well as opportunities for active and passive contact with nature, have a positive impact on people’s mind and well-being.

6. People  work remotely and not at their desks

office design

At the workplace, mobility may need more “unassigned” or touchdown space for employees who are out of the office for a significant part of the day.

7. Permanent layouts

office design

Flexibility is something most office design experts see as a growing trend. It is planned in advance with permanent layouts, and are giving way to the needs of a dynamic work landscape.

8. Use Different Textures

office design

Use texture and colour to create a more inspiring, varied and a personalized work environment.

9. Bespoke Furniture

office design

In most offices and buildings, where every square foot counts, there’s been serious implementation of new ideas around furniture.

10. Community Type Tables

office design

Community table has been a meaningful thing for hundreds of years, a symbol of alliance or kinship, which is now becoming an important part of the work environment.


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