Colors can add magic to your homes!

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Colors connect us with the liveliness and interactivity of life. Actually, the colors reveal a bit of practical magic that a particular color can bring to life. In reality, you see a color as a reflection of waves of energy, wherein the white light contains a full spectrum of visible colors at once (having all the energy waves together).

When you see an apple, a red color is observed that is the result of the reflection of red color perceived as bouncing result into our eyes and appears as red. The colors on the walls of your house also matters that relates your mood, positive energy, calmness, relaxed, and many other factors. But the point to be noted is the intensity of color, deep and intense colors have more profound impact on our emotions that lighter with pastel shades. Intensity of colors also mixes your objective in so many ways. For example, your wardrobe, clothes, furniture, and walls can all be changed with colors that bring a rejuvenated and new feeling in the house. Here are few tips that help you to choice the color for your home:

  • Yellow color helps to add lots of warmth and radiance to space and life.
  • Green color helps to signify the Wood element in feng shui that promotes change, growth, and flexibility.
  • Blue color represents the water element, the start of the cycle of nature.
  • Red color galvanizes action and can raise your heart rate.
  • Violet color is a majorly used for meditation rooms and other places where fortitude prevails.
  • Orange color is used to mix into decor where you want to add warmth and cheer to life.
  • Magenta color brings magic to your imaginations and brings positive energy.

The color magic is well preserved and addresses by a well known reputed builders, Mayur Homes Bangalore . It brings out the marvelous architectures with state of mind technology and color combinations for your business and housing projects. Mayur Homes Bangalore majorly emphasis to put into practice the concept of eco friendly color selections, thereby integrating the environment protection measures.


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true adding green makes wonders!

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