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Today real estate sector is among the speedily developing markets. The four elements of this segment are commercial, retail, hospitality, and housing. Housing is key makes up 5 to 6 % of India’s GDP. However, the other three sub-sectors are also displaying an improved rate of development.

The present trends in the market

  • Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers are being added by quite a number of real estate agents to their internal teams. Agents are actually depending on these mortgage brokers to make sure that the deals are finished quicker as clients will be receiving the most excellent rates feasible.

  • Great deals

2016 will most likely continue as a buyer’s market, with mediators getting imaginative on placing the top deals forward. Sales of single-family home are on the rise which will ultimately lead to quite a big number of best quality deals.

  • Credit advocates

Quite a lot of agents are rapidly transforming themselves into credit counselors for their customers. The majority of the consumers do not have much idea of how credit functions. This trend is very important for agents to gather knowledge on the function of credit in real estate buying and selling.

  • High-tech stalking

Similar to the smartphones entering retail markets they have also stalked the real estate markets. When you drive via a particular neighborhood and in case you have the right mobile app, you will get details from a broker with regard to a home along with the neighborhood.

Observations from these market trends

The real estate market has a cram between housing demand and supply, mainly due to information asymmetry. Nonetheless, with improved market precision, this demand/supply disparity can offer huge chances for both developers and investors the same.

The real estate business is growing. Residential segment still has huge potential for development. With the requirements for homes growing across cities along with investment of funds in the asset class which provides fixed returns possible healthy returns can be expected with each and every investment that is made in the housing market. In addition, the demand for space from education and healthcare sectors will open up lots of prospect in landed property.


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