6 Key Tips to ensure Vastu Shastra compliance in your home

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Buying a new house is an achievement in itself. Therefore we want everything at its best in our new house. Keeping that in mind we won’t tolerate anything which can destroy the happiness or serenity of the house. Vastu here by is that old tradition and practice which our ancestors has been implementing for a better and positive environment in the house. Various projects of Mayur Homes and other trusted builders ensure compliance of vastu shastra.

It is thus advised to have a clear knowledge about vastu. It plays a vital role in building of a house. For information there are some rules which are mandatory to follow.

  1. Door- you must guarantee that the door opens at 90 degrees at any rate. Your door must be strong and overwhelming as it helps in keeping your private and cozy life sheltered and solid. It additionally helps in keeping your private life undisturbed and shielded from the external world.
  2. First thing you see- frequently we say the first thing we find in the morning ought to be enthusiastic and positive it helps in keeping us certain for the entire day. Same is the situation with your room. Put something wonderful and positive right in front, with the goal that you can see at whatever point you enter your room. You must continue something which has been given to you by your adored one, or something on which you have confidence and accept. It could be blooms, scented candles, photos, and stuffed toys or anything you like.
  3. Remove the clutter- get free with the clutter that is piled in your room. A clean room always reflects positivity and calmness. Also if your bed and cupboard is full of clutter then you must set the clutter free. This is because; the clutter might have something which can haunt you. you might have kept it casually, knowingly or unknowingly. But this can definitely have adverse effects on your hose. So try to keep your bedroom clean and tidy.
  4. Sleep pointing to south- it is advised to sleep pointing your head towards the south because north generates magnetic energy in the body which further excites the blood. This excited blood manages to ruin your sleep easily. Thus it is advised to sleep pointing towards south so that you don’t ruin your sleep daily.
  5. Mirror- mirror placement is important. According to vastu mirror should not be replaced on the northern side of the room. It ensures that you are constantly thinking about troubles and because of the mirror your troubles are being projected back on you. if possible then shift your mirror to some other wall or you cover it before sleeping.
  6. Sharp corners- vastu claims that sleeping in the same line as that of the sharp corner takes away the serenity and calmness from the life. Thus you must avoid sleeping directly to sharp corners.

 Now when you know what importance vastu hold then make sure your house is built with proper vastu evaluation. It will help boost both your personal as well as professional life.  Like other building groups you can also consider Mayur Homes.


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