How to list your property online in 10 simple steps


Do you want to sell your property online? Are you into real estate business? You have a list of houses for sale? If your answer is “yes” for anyone of these, you must know how you can list a property online.

Trends in the real estate market have been more dynamic than ever. Those wanting to buy property do not look for “for sale” signboards anymore. More and more people go online to check properties that are for sale. It’s really more convenient for sellers and buyers together. On the top of everything, an online listing has more viewers than others.

You can choose one or multiple real estate websites where your property can be listed. Here are the 10 steps for listing a property online:

  1. Register on the real estate website of your choice: Use your email address to register on the website. 
  2. Make an account: Fill in all the required details, and then ‘Create New Account’. 
  3. Pick listing Type: If you want to sell , choose “property for sale” listing. If you want to rent , go for “property for rent.” 
  4. Use a catchy Headline: The headline or title of your property should be short, crisp & attractive. It will leave great first impression on potential buyers or tenants. 
  5. Provide all the relevant property Information: The more information you provide, the more interest will be generated. Make sure you add all the details such as number of rooms, area, amenities, furnishing details, etc. 
  6. Price: Price  should include additional charges like booking amount, monthly maintenance charges & brokerage. 
  7. Update Photos & Videos: Buyers want to see what they are buying. Upload at least 10 pictures of your  interiors and exteriors. Make sure the photos are of good quality. 
  8. Contact Details: Provide your complete contact details including phone number and email address. 
  9. Get Your Property Verified: It will establish the accuracy & validity .


 Save and then Publish!



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