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Future of sustainable cities
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Solar structural engineering is the incorporation of active, passive or solar panel technology with advanced building procedures. The utilization of adaptable thin-film photovoltaic modules furnishes liquid integration with steel roofing profiles, upgrading the building’s outline.

Making a building conversant to the sun, deciding on materials with good thermal mass or light scattering properties, and outlining spaces that naturally flow air altogether make up solar based structural planning.

Preliminary advancement of sun oriented building design has been restricted by the inflexibility and weight of standard solar power panels. The sustained expansion of photovoltaic (PV) flimsy film solar has given a lightweight however hearty vehicle to harness sun powered energy to diminish a building’s effect on nature. The concept of a dynamic solar architecture revolves around the the moving of heat and/or coolness flanked by a provisional heat storage intermediate and a building, usually in response to a thermostat’s call for heating up or cooling inside the building.

In such solar building structures, all the windows, walls, and floors are designed to accumulate, store, and dispense solar power in the form of heat during winters and eliminate solar heat in the summers. This technology switches sunlight into utilizable heat, commonly in water, air, and thermal mass, source air-movement for proper circulation, or potential use, with slight use of added energy sources.

When the aforementioned features are customized to the local climate and surroundings they can fabricate well-lit spaces that remain in a relaxed temperature range.


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4 Comments on "Know the future of sustainable cities | Solar Structural Engineering"

2 years 11 months ago

If individual qualify themselves the importance of sustainability then it will be easy for them to live in a sustainable city. Local governments will need to understand these forces and to move one step ahead, using this knowledge to maximize the planning and development process and to improve the places in which we live.

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Deepak Malhotra
2 years 11 months ago

very useful points are given to remember one should keep mind before relocating anywhere from your city. Because today sustainability is required which is washing away from the cities and we need to sustainable our city.

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Aman Bajaj
3 years 13 days ago

The vision of a sustainable energy model that contributes to the “greening” of the world, secures a better future for our children and contributes to an overall cost reduction, is not one to be taken lightly. This comprehensive course of action should lay the foundation to rebuilding a model of sustainable energy in your City of the Future.

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chander mohan
3 years 15 days ago

Every so often, I find it important to reset and to re-envision what a successful future looks like. This article seeks to take a step back and revisit the fundamentals of what the building of a sustainable city requires. Each city takes much more than its total land area to support the population that lives, works, and plays there.aformentioned features are reliable.

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