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Safety Measures To Be Taken Before An Earthquake

The earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25th of April has jolted northern India also by damaging many buildings which was expected by geologists. Earthquakes are seen as devastating disasters, but taking appropriate earthquake safety measures can minimize damages, injuries, and other potential quake concerns.

When exposed to sudden lateral forces produced by seismic waves, even modern buildings can fail completely and collapse, crushing the people in, on and around them. Lack of effective warning system for earthquakes makes preliminary precautions even more critical.

The creation of earthquake proof buildings involves a complex and expensive process which is crucial because people get harmed by falling buildings rather than the earthquake itself. However Mayur Group’ who constructs earthquake proof buildings, suggests following precautions to be taken while purchasing a building:

  • Review for the existing seismic zoning maps and risk maps before purchasing or investing in the real estate property. Make sure old as well as and new buildings meet earthquake construction requirements which you are going to purchase.
  • Review the seismic codes and norms of construction being used in the building. Ensure that the building is made earthquake proof with the correct foundations.
  • Invest in the buildings which meet the standard prescribed in “Indian Standards Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design”.
  • Keep updating home insurance policies to adequately cover building costs, possession replacement, and injury deductibles.
  • Purchase the building which is constructed with materials of a high ductility as these materials must have the ability to undergo large processes of plastic malformations

Following these valuable tips can keep your family safe before, during and after a quake.


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