Buyers guide to green homes in India

green homes

The tremendous growth of real estate sector has transformed cities in to concrete jungle. Increasing levels of carbon are polluting cities and make survival much more difficult for human race. With such a rapid development, there is immense pressure on environment. Real estate sector is mainly responsible for global warming. According to the latest survey about twenty percent of a country’s energy is consumed by its buildings. Real estate sector is flourishing its roots in almost every city of India leaving very less space for forests. Deforestation is mainly responsible for the problems we are facing today and it is going to be worsened in the future.

However, some real estate developers have realized this plead and they are taking complimentary steps towards this direction. Green homes or Eco friendly homes are in demand these days. Green homes not only reduces carbon footprints, but also reduces maintenance cost and utility bills. These homes basically reduces pollution, environmental waste as compared to normal houses. Basic idea behind green homes is to make maximum use of solar energy. If you are looking for buying a green home, then keep the following things in mind.

  • Real estate developer

    With the increasing demand, new developers and builders are evolving in to existence. However, you need to check the builder background and its previous projects. Also, keep a check on the building standards and the necessary guidelines as regulated by the authorities.


  • Geographical conditions

    Building material and standards for green homes vary from location to location and the climate as well. Hence, you need to keep a check on whether the construction is being done according the geographical standards.


  • Position of windows

    One of the key trait of Green homes is that the positioning of windows is done in such a manner that home gets naturally cold and naturally hot. It reduces the use of products like AC and coolers which consume electric energy. Check the direction of house and position windows accordingly so that home get natural sunlight and air.


  • Solar EnergyThis is the main essence of green homes. Proper arrangement of conserving solar energy should be installed in the building premises. So, that natural energy can be used to run the day to day operations of building.


  • Water conservationRain water harvesting is of great magnitude in today’s scenario. Every city is experiencing water scarcity due to global warming and late monsoons. Proper arrangements should be done in green homes for harvesting rain water. Moreover, Waste water should also be conserved through STP so that it can be recycled and used for other activities.
You can check with Indian green building council to find out whether you green home building meet the required standards.


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