5 Interior Designing Tips to Update a Room

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For breathing new life into your room, you don’t have to hire an interior designer or burn a hole in your pocket. You can easily give your room a quick update with hordes of impact. So whether you have just shifted in a new home or feeling little done with the old design, here are few tips, suggested by Mapsko Group, that will help you refresh room of your dreams in no time:

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Change Your Fabrics

Swap your curtains with new ones, get your throw pillows re-filled, buy a new carpet, because these easy alterations can make a big difference; and all three together will entirely change the whole room! And the same tips are applicable for your bedroom: change the duvet cover, replace the headboard, and add a few new cushions on the bed.

Freshen Up With New Paint

Whether you decide to paint the entire room or you pick your favorite wall, a fresh coat of paint is certainly the easiest way to vary a room. From subtle and bright to dark and vivid, paint can entirely alter the mood.

Re-Organize a Bookshelf

Bookshelves are miraculous; apart from keeping your books organized, but they can also act as great decor pieces. Try to arrange your books following a color code or arrange them in stacks instead of alongside. Vacant an entire row of books and swap them with beautifully framed family photos or dazzling decor pieces. Sometimes all a room needs is a shift in its fittings.

Update Your Art

Modernizing the art on your walls is again a great way to display the family talent. Frame your kid’s drawings from high school (no one cares it’s a real Picasso) or your kid’s finger painting. Or take a blank canvas and paint it using a bright color to hang on the kitchen’s wall.


Follow these above tips and decorate your room with new designs

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