5 Important Vastu Tips for your Home

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When it comes to your dream house, what rules you can choose to discard and what rules you should follow are entirely at your discretion. We are certainly not trying to push some Vastu tips on you. But considering them isn’t a bad thing. Plus, when you put your house on sale it only enhances the chances of getting a good deal.

We wanted to make your life simpler, exactly why we came up with a list of five things that are an absolute must if you are looking for a house. Vastu is a set of principles that most of the real estate agents, home owners believe in.

Below are some of the Vastu tips to follow before buying a home:

1. Home Entrance: East is the most auspicious direction for the entrance of a home.

As the Sun rises in the east and it is believed to bring along positive light and energy into the house. North-East could be the other acceptable direction.

2. Toilet Location

 Toilets should be in south-west corner or in south west direction of the building. It is also advised (and sensible, according to us, we might add), that the kitchen, toilets and Pooja sections in the house should not be adjacent to each other.

3. Location of Kitchen

Cooking supposedly should be done while facing the East. Thus, the South-East corner of the house is the most ideal one for location of the kitchen.

4. Bedroom

The Master Bedroom should be present at the South West corner of a home that’s facing east. Rectangular and squared shaped bedrooms are recommended.

5. Water storage tank

In a house, water storage tank should be placed in the north-eastern corner. This is because early morning sunlight is rich in UV rays that help in purification of water.


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