Buying a house vs renting a house

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These days the real estate business is growing at an astonishing rate. There have been a lot of sudden boom in this field. A lot of people have a confusion regarding the question that “whether to rent a house or buy a house?” So there is a need to answer this question. Experts from spark realty have come up with a point wise explanation of the difference between the two. Read on:

  • Investment:

Buying a residence is one of the major investments in a person’s life. It is an asset that can also turn out to be a resource of additional earnings for you. If you purchase a home and decide to leave it, you can rent it out rather than selling it and make a regular income.

  • Psychological Satisfaction:

The delight of owning a home is unbelievable. It brings along a sense of safety and fulfilment, home is an asset that can stay in the family for generations, plus point being that you no longer have to be anxious about being at the mercy of the landlords.

  • Absolute Control: Buying a home means that you have a full authority over that particular property. Do we need to say any more?

Well, Buying is any day better than renting a house but only if it suits you.


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