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Selling 2bhk flats in delhi can be great by avoiding these five mistakes

Buying and selling of 2bhk flats in delhi can be a tedious task if you have emotional attachment with your home, but for property dealers and brokers it is just their business investment. A lot of research is required to sell a flat as you can’t let your biggest asset just go like that. People generally hold the conception that investment in property is the safest option, but market had … Read More >>

Why Delhi is a safe bet for real estate investors?

Delhi will always be on the priority list of Real estate investor’s reason being it is very safe as compared to safety of investments. According to facts, every year nearly twenty five thousand people migrate from other cities. Real estate sector will always be on boom in this city. Now with smart homes and green homes in picture the demands are on peak. Every single penny invested in real … Read More >>

Top 10 innovative office Design Ideas

Workspaces should be innovative enough to provide a variety of spaces to employees so they feel comfortable at work. Ideally, an office design should be smart and space conservative. Check the following 10 office design ideas that interior designers would recommend. 1. Multilayered Workspace A lot of people want their workspaces as part of the living spaces. If you are one of those people then you can tell the … Read More >>

Top 6 Promising Cities in India to Buy Property

Big capital investment is needed if you want to buy property. The good time for the market is yet to arrive. Thus, the current period is perfect for purchasing homes for residential and investment purposes. Many Indian cities are still recovering from the after-impacts of the slowdown. Certain regions in these cities are a great option for home buyers.  1. Bangalore  Bangalore has 7 regions that feature in top 50 … Read More >>

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