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4 Emerging Affordable Property Destinations in Bangalore

Even though the sales pace for mid-income and luxury housing in Bangalore oscillates with macro-economic deviations, the city’s affordable housing sector is enjoying high demand on the outskirts. “In Bangalore, availability of huge land parcels at lower prices and the quick development of the city have stimulated real estate developments even in the distant areas,” says the chairman of Ds Max Properties. Additionally, infrastructure developments like the Metro Rail … Read More >>

6 Most Expensive Localities in Mumbai

Everyone knows the city of dreams, Mumbai. This city has everything to offer and if you get a bit lucky then definitely the outcome is expected to be wilder than your wild imaginations. Most people wish to buy property in at least one of the top 10 cities in India, and Mumbai is definitely on that list. From real estate investment point of view too, Mumbai is a great … Read More >>

Real Estate Scenario In India

It would not be wrong to state that India’s real estate market has been uncertain for pretty some time while the country’s economy remains under strain. As per the data from diverse sources, real estate prices have witnessed an improvement recently. However, is the real estate market up for a crash, a much awaited event according to the prospective buyers? “The main rationale for the slowdown are severe monetary … Read More >>

Do’s And Dont’s before buying a home

Planning to purchase your own dream home? It’s typical to feel a little weighed down. All things considered, it’s one of the greatest investments you can make. Here are a couple of Do’s And Dont’s before buying a home : Things to do if you’re a first-time home-buyer: Get pre-approved Some real estate operators won’t even get in your project until you’ve you’ve got your land pre-approved for home … Read More >>

Providing luxurious Apartments

Luxurious Apartments are known for giving quality services that are a class apart from the rest of their contemporaries. Luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. Various builders quote of providing luxurious apartments in affordable prices.  Alpine Housing is one such trusted builder in Bangalore. This group is known for giving quality services that are a class apart from the rest of … Read More >>

Know the future of sustainable cities | Solar Structural Engineering

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Solar structural engineering is the incorporation of active, passive or solar panel technology with advanced building procedures. The utilization of adaptable thin-film photovoltaic modules furnishes liquid integration with steel roofing profiles, upgrading the building’s outline. Making a building conversant to the sun, deciding on materials with good thermal mass or light scattering properties, and outlining spaces that naturally flow air altogether make up solar based structural planning. Preliminary advancement … Read More >>

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