Monthly Archive: November 2015

Buying vs Renting!

Everyone dreams of buying a perfect home at some or the other point of life. However in the recent years the cost of land and properties has become too high and as a result of this many individuals are living on rent instead of buying a house.Confusion between buying vs renting. After reflecting on this issue, experts from various companies like Mapsko Builders, Alpine Housing, etc. say that purchasing … Read More >>

Overview Of Real Estate Markets

Real estate economics refers to the application of economic procedures to real estate markets. It includes describing, explaining, and forecasting various patterns of prices, supply, and demand. The strongly allied field of housing economics is slightly narrower in scope, focusing on uptown real estate marketplaces, whilst the study of real estate trends dwells on the business and compositional changes moving the commerce. Both fall back on spatial economics, partial … Read More >>

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