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Know the future of sustainable cities | Solar Structural Engineering

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Solar structural engineering is the incorporation of active, passive or solar panel technology with advanced building procedures. The utilization of adaptable thin-film photovoltaic modules furnishes liquid integration with steel roofing profiles, upgrading the building’s outline. Making a building conversant to the sun, deciding on materials with good thermal mass or light scattering properties, and outlining spaces that naturally flow air altogether make up solar based structural planning. Preliminary advancement … Read More >>

Buying a house vs renting a house

These days the real estate business is growing at an astonishing rate. There have been a lot of sudden boom in this field. A lot of people have a confusion regarding the question that “whether to rent a house or buy a house?” So there is a need to answer this question. Experts from spark realty have come up with a point wise explanation of the difference between the … Read More >>

Colors can add magic to your homes!

Colors connect us with the liveliness and interactivity of life. Actually, the colors reveal a bit of practical magic that a particular color can bring to life. In reality, you see a color as a reflection of waves of energy, wherein the white light contains a full spectrum of visible colors at once (having all the energy waves together). When you see an apple, a red color is observed … Read More >>

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